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We believe that companies have great potential to play a transformational role in society. So, in addition to generating intelligent energy, we strive so that communities (in the areas of influence where our power plants and construction projects are located) manage their own development.

We are committed to creating opportunities that contribute to the productive and sustainable use of the territory, as well as the creation of opportunities for participation, wellbeing and coexistence, thereby contributing to the quality of life of the people living there. All this is achieved by working together and building relationships of trust, with dialogue as the basis, in search of the common good.


Lines of action

We implement lines of action that enable us to improve our Company's productivity and competitiveness, contribute to the creation of value for our stakeholders, and build an organization that's aimed at learning, innovation and sustainable development.

  • Participation and dialogue 

    Our commitment is to strengthen relationships with communities, organizations and institutions, by providing information and dialogue mechanisms for decision-making:

    Community Information and Participation Program

    Opportunities for information, consultation, agreement and learning that strengthen relationships with communities in the areas of influence of generation projects that are under construction and power plants that are in operation, resulting in improved participation and decision-making.

    Through Encomunidad media (comprising radio, wall newspapers and printed newsletters) we share information about our management efforts in the various regions.

    Inter-institutional groups

    Opportunities for coordination between the communities and other organized stakeholders from the areas of influence, aimed at improving socio-environmental management in the territories. They promote commitments and implementation regarding joint initiatives on environmental, educational and economic issues for regional and local areas.

  • Training in community development and self-management 

    We implement the ‘learning-by-doing’ methodology in an effort to help communities become participative populations that can take charge of their lives and territories. We help build knowledge and skills relating to project and enterprise leadership through the Community Development Program.

    It includes training through the Community Development School and the implementation of projects to put into practice what has been learned through a comprehensive and participatory exercise. The projects are developed by the communities themselves, with the participation of women, men and young people, and they comprise an assessment and prioritization of their needs, and the creation of problem trees, along with objectives to address these problems.

    Self-management training indicator

    This makes it possible to understand how the learning has progressed, as well as the results achieved by the communities participating in the Community Development Program. It evaluates progress in the training process, the capacity for self-management (under criteria of education, co-financing, coordination, monitoring and follow-up), and sustainable human development (under criteria of participation, community benefit and viability).

  • Institutional cooperation and strengthening 

    We implement joint initiatives with local and regional institutions from the various areas of influence, to develop planned and sustainable territories. We work with entities such as Regional Autonomous Corporations, Community Action Boards, organized groups of women, young people, peasants, fishermen and, in general, institutions with which we have shared objectives in the region.

  • Good neighbor actions 

    We are neighbors to all the communities located nearby our power plants and generation projects, so we try to help improve their quality of life and grow together. We have established strategies to prioritize the hiring of workers and suppliers who live in our generation plants and projects' areas of influence, we hold sessions to hand out school kits, and we deploy health teams in partnership with the Colombian Civil Air Patrol.

  • Promoting citizen coexistence 

    We contribute to the promotion of citizen coexistence, which includes a set of actions aimed at generating citizen capacities for the strengthening of political culture and democracy, the non-violent process of conflicts, humanitarian action and entrepreneurship for reconciliation. Our strategic axes are:

    • Political culture and strong democracy: leadership in constructing public issues, promoting transparency, strengthening civil society organizations and citizen participation.
    • Cultural transformation for citizen coexistence: reconciliation and new narratives, training for citizen coexistence and non-violent conflict resolution, and knowledge management.
    • Humanitarian action: psychosocial care and prevention of victimizing acts.
    • Entrepreneurship for reconciliation: revenue generation initiatives with a reconciliation perspective and improving community infrastructure.

Social management initiatives

Working with others drives us to be better, to combine efforts and skills, and to share learning. As a result, we have joined various collective sustainability initiatives that relate to several aspects of our efforts in social development:

  • Sustainable Development Goal: Decent work and economic growth 

    Approximately half the world's population still lives on the equivalent of about US$2 a day and in many places having a job does not guarantee the ability to escape poverty.

    Our commitment

    We committed to this Sustainable Development Goal in 2016 to continue working in a transparent and respectful manner in relation to human and labor rights, and thus contribute to the development of the territories where the Company operates.

  • Sustainable Development Goal: Peace, justice and strong institutions 

    Peace, justice and strong institutions are indispensable for the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies, for sustainable development, for access to justice, and for the creation of responsible and effective institutions.

    Our commitment

    We committed to this Sustainable Development Goal in 2016 to strengthen corporate practices and programs that contribute towards peace building, institutional strengthening and the promotion of ethics and transparency in our actions.

Encomunidad media

They provide communities from our power plants' areas of influence with clear, truthful and timely information on the Company's activities, the criteria for environmental management, the management of employment, the payment and use of transfers and taxes, and the programs implemented to contribute towards the creation of sustainable territories, hand in hand with these communities.

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2017 Management Report 2017 Management Report

Our 2017 results

Social management in the regions

We encourage you to refer to last year’s most outstanding milestones regarding our social management in regions and to provide your comments at Contact us.

  • Created 1,998 jobs in our areas of influence. Of the total jobs created, 86% correspond to the local and regional workforce, both skilled and unskilled.
  • We conducted 336 meetings with 6,560 participants from neighboring communities and institutions that included informational sessions and visits to power plants.
  • A total of 109 community organizations participated in our Community Development School, and 1,533 leaders received training to develop their projects.
  • We assisted 96 community projects in their execution.
  • The self-management training indicator gave a result of 93.7%, helping us to understand the evolution of the lessons learned by the communities participating in the Community Development Program (CDP).

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Employee development

Employee development

Stakeholder relations

Stakeholder relations

Management report

Management report

Every year, we share our management report which address the most relevant business aspects throughout the year.


Social management in the regions