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Through the active involvement of our leaders, we engaged in a preventive occupational safety and health management focused on the non-occurrence of high-risk events; in people and infrastructure security focused on avoiding the occurrence of malicious acts by third parties that may affect the security of our personnel, infrastructure and operations; and in environmental security where we seek to create development opportunities at our project and power plant areas of influence and contribute to the sustainable development through the appropriate management of natural resources during our activities.


Lines of Action

  • Occupational safety and health 

    We are committed to the occupational safety and health of all the people that carry out activities for our Company, creating safe, healthy and comfortable conditions that eliminate the possibility of an occurrence of high-risk events.

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  • People and infrastructure security 

    We are committed to efficiently managing public risk and malicious acts by third parties associated with our Company's operations, derived from the presence of illegal armed groups, common criminals, organized crime and actions by the civilian population which, in the framework of social protest, can escalate to illegal actions, and have the potential to affect the security of people, the infrastructure, operations and business sustainability.

  • Environmental management 

    We are committed to sustainable development by including projects and operating our power plants with a vision to the future, creating development opportunities for the regions located within our areas of influence, and contributing to the appropriate management of natural resources during the performance of all our activities.

  • Road safety 

    We recognize the importance of road safety and the need to have mechanisms that avoid or mitigate the risk of people suffering road accidents on public and private roads while the performing Company activities.


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