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Environmental management is the starting point of our practices and we approach it from different dimensions: biotic (flora and fauna), physical (water, air and soil), and social. We undertake actions to comply with our legal obligations, be a good neighbor of the communities and contribute to the protection of natural resources such as water, our main source of generation, and a vital resource for the planet.

In our business, water is the main source of generation, and we recognize the importance of protecting and properly using this resource which is vital to the planet.


Environmental Management System

We commit to a comprehensive environmental management, encompassing risk identification, assessment, prevention, correction, mitigation and compensation of negative environmental and social impacts, as well as fostering the positive ones, thereby complying with the Environmental Management Plans and applicable legislation.

We sustain an Environmental Management System and Environmental Policy with integrated elements that ensure that energy generation and sale activities are carried out in accordance with social and environmental responsibility criteria.

Lines of Action

  • Social management in the regions 
    Social management in the regions

    The way we insert our operations in the areas of influence and work in the integration with communities and institutions is key to contribute to the regional development. We strive to know the territories and the effects of our business to prioritize actions, promote an appropriate communication, facilitate dialogue, participation and collaborative work.

    • Environmental Management Plan's Social Programs: we carry out actions that have been established by the law, including programs for the welfare of the communities in our areas of influence, such as the Community Awareness and Participation Program, that comprise the ENCOMUNIDAD channel and spaces like inter-institutional round-tables.

    • Community Development: we develop and strengthen community capacities through active community participation and support initiatives that seek the common good and community empowerment.

    • Citizen Coexistence: contribute to the formation of the communities of our areas of influence for the strengthening of the citizen culture and the coexistence of its inhabitants.

    • Good Neighbor Actions: we engage in supportive actions aimed at establishing harmonious relationships with communities and municipal administrations near our generation power plants.

  • Natural resource 
    Natural resource management

    The proper management and preservation of ecosystems is fundamental for the basins protection and the quality of the water that supplies the territories, a resource that is in turn indispensable for the hydroelectric generation, the viability of our business and the progress of the country. We recognize the importance of maintaining and improving the conditions of the environment in our areas of influence, contributing to the comprehensive management of the water resource and looking for climate change adaptation strategies, a global phenomenon that potentiates climate variability, such as El Niño event, which affects water availability.

    • Environmental Management Plan's Biophysical Programs: we carry out actions that have been established by law to protect, preserve and recover the environment, habitats and species.

    • Basins, Biodiversity and Water: we work to protect, recover and preserve the basins at our electric power plants and their biodiversity with programs and initiatives to preserve the ecosystems. We foster collaborative work spaces about water at regional and national levels for its administration, regulation and conservation, in coordination with various society actors.

    • Climate Change: every year we calculate our carbon footprint and verify greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) measurements with a third party which provides us with an Assurance Statement supported in the following report which we prepared.

      We conduct studies of the impact of climate variability driven by climate change on the water resource, we make progress in consolidating a clean energy power plant portfolio (hydroelectricity and wind).

      We ensure that the Amoyá and Sogamoso power plants are recorded as Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM) with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, which certifies emissions avoided or replaced and turns them into carbon offsets.

  • Payment of loans 

    Corresponds to transfers to municipalities and Regional Autonomous Corporations (CAR, for the Spanish original) of 6% in the case of hydroelectric power plants and 4% in the case of thermal power plants based on gross energy sales in accordance with the fees established by the Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission for bulk sales. The use of transfers refers to rural and urban aqueducts, micro-basins management, solid waste management, wastewater management and reforestation as ecological recovery and restoration, which are carried out independently by Regional Autonomous Corporations and municipal administrations.


They provide communities from our power plants' areas of influence with clear, truthful and timely information on the Company's activities, the criteria for environmental management, the management of employment, the payment and use of transfers and taxes, and the programs implemented to contribute towards the creation of sustainable territories, hand in hand with these communities.

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