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A worker is always seen as a complete human being and we seek to create conditions that contribute to his well-being and growth. In order to make work a true opportunity for collective and individual development, we have implemented a Comprehensive Human Resources Model (MIGH, for the Spanish original), which respects diversity, seeks coherence between performance and corporate objectives, ensures transparency and respect for human rights.

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Occupational Safety and Health

The Company’s commitment to the Occupational Safety and Health of all people who perform activities for the Company, creating conditions that are safe, healthy and comfortable, eliminating the possibility of any high-risk events from happening.


Develop conversational skills to enable interpersonal relations.

Labor Relations

Actions that facilitate managing collective and individual work contracts in the framework of internal and external regulations.

Compensation Management

Design, implementation and application of compensation policies and systems based on principles of competitiveness and equity.

Performance Management

Align each employee's work with the Organization's strategy and objectives, which leads to people's comprehensive development and to achieving corporate purposes.

Human and Professional Development

Design and implementation of initiatives that point to employees’ comprehensive development, by connecting them with their life projects and their contributions in helping the Company grow.

Management of Potential

Identify and develop staff to take on management or professional positions, with the aim of ensuring business continuity and sustainability.

Knowledge Management

Acquisition, application and retention of the knowledge required to achieve corporate purposes.


Actions that allow the Company to make the best decisions in recruiting external staff or promoting internal employees.

Life Project

Identify the connection between personal purposes and interests, as well as opportunities for development the Company offers its employees.

Internal Communication

Define, implement and develop communication plans and programs to aid in meeting Company objectives and in the comprehensive development of employees.

Change Management

Structured process that helps people adapt to changes that occur in the Organization.

Organizational Climate

Manage the set of perceptions that employees develop with regard to organizational policies, practices and procedures in order to promote healthy, harmonious and productive work spaces.

Business and Staff Development

Result on how employees and the Company take advantage of development opportunities that arise from the application of all the Comprehensive Human Resources Model elements.

Organizational Culture

Study and understand human behavior in the Organization and its influence on the organizational culture.


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Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Human rights

Human rights

Occupational health and safety, people and infrastructure security, and environment

Occupational health and safety, people and infrastructure security, and environment

Human rights

Human rights