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As a group of people that's at the service of other groups, we must serve society with commitment and responsibility, based on the premise of employees as complete human beings, while also creating conditions that are conducive to their wellbeing and development.

We regard employees as unique, dynamic, responsible and important people. In order to ensure that work represents a real opportunity for collective and individual development, we have implemented a Comprehensive Human Resources Model that respects diversity, seeks consistency between performance and corporate objectives, and guarantees transparency and respect for human rights.


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Working environment

We promote safe, healthy and comfortable working environments, keeping the appropriate health and safety conditions in the workplace for all people, and implementing cultural, sports and recreational programs for our employees and their families.


This program promotes the recognition of people as human beings who are comprehensive, different, unique, dynamic, and have the capacity for ongoing and significant development in terms of improving their conversational skills.

Labor relations

These take shape through dialogue and agreement, mainly with the union groups that operate within the Company. This activity is governed by the bylaws set out in the collective bargaining agreements and union permits negotiated.

The trade unions SINTRAISAGEN and ATRAE represent workers in the defense of their rights and in negotiations regarding working conditions. As a result, the company benefits offered to workers are set out in collective bargaining agreements, and they apply to all full-time workers at the various sites.


We manage compensation within the context of fairness and salary competitiveness. Through this, we seek to recognize the individual and collective contributions made by employees, in line with our business model and the working conditions present.

Total compensation consists of fixed compensation, variable compensation and benefits, understood as follows:

  • Fixed compensation: seeks to sustain employees' purchasing power and compensate individual contributions in accordance with the level of responsibility and the impact of each position within the Company.
  • Variable compensation: aims to align employees' efforts with the Company's strategic objectives, rewarding collective results in accordance with the targets set in the Institutional Development Plan.
  • Benefits: seek to improve employees' quality of life in issues such as health and education for employees and their children, loans for housing and vehicles, the employee fund, life insurance, and the cell phone benefit, among others.

Performance management

We have a Skills-based Performance Management System, which is aimed at people's development, and includes the planning, monitoring and evaluation of commitments that may include issues of business sustainability, human rights and stakeholder relations, as well as work results, knowledge and individual behavior. This process is carried out each year among all employees and their respective bosses.

Human and professional development

We provide opportunities that encourage and harness employees' skills, knowledge and interests through the joint identification and implementation of initiatives that strive for harmony between work and family life.

Management of potential

This seeks to ensure our operation's continuity by identifying and training employees to support critical positions, as well as developing employees who have high technical or managerial potential. By considering the day-to-day operation and the skills required for this, we identify critical positions that may be needed at any given time.

Knowledge management

Systematic process that enables us to improve flows for the transfer and use of knowledge in the Organization, which is an essential basis for achieving sustainable competitive advantages and people's comprehensive development. Through these instruments, each employee can close gaps in the knowledge that they need to do their job, and this is explicitly set out in personal performance commitments.


Our selection processes facilitate the incorporation and promotion of talent through fair and transparent criteria and procedures, based on people's skills. We begin selection processes with internal candidates so that we can provide them with development opportunities and reduce costs relating to recruitment, induction and training. In processes involving both external and internal candidates, we give priority to the latter provided that they meet the required skills profile.

Life project

It is the expression of people´s wishes, interest and coommitments into concrete short, mid and long term plans, to make the sense of life explicit.

Internal communication

Defines, implements and develops communication plans and programs, to contribute toward the achievement of business objectives and the comprensive development of employees.

Change management

Strategy that makes it possible to support and transform the behaviors, conducts and acttitudes of employees in pursuit of the organization´s target culture, based on actions in communication, education leadership and support.

Employee initiatives

Working with others drives us to be better, to combine efforts and skills, and to share learning. As a result, we have joined various collective sustainability initiatives that relate to several aspects of our labor management efforts.

  • Sustainable Development Goal: Decent work and economic growth 

    Approximately half the world's population still lives on the equivalent of about US$ 2 a day, and in many places having a job does not guarantee the ability to escape poverty.

    Our commitment

    We committed to this Sustainable Development Goal in 2016 to continue working with transparency and respect for their human and labor rights, thereby contributing towards the development of the territories where the Company operates.

2017 Management Report 2017 Management Report

Our 2017 results

Employee development

We encourage you to refer to last year’s most outstanding milestones regarding our management on workforce development and to provide your comments at Contact us.

  • We worked with management to review our organizational practices vis-à-vis concepts of human resources to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • We consolidated our Corporate Volunteer Program at the Medellín headquarters and at all the power plants, with the participation of 246 people.

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Management reports

Management reports

Every year, we share our management reports which address the most relevant business aspects throughout the year.


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