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As a group of people that's at the service of other groups, we must serve society with commitment and responsibility, based on the premise of employees as complete human beings, while also creating conditions that are conducive to their wellbeing and development.

We regard employees as unique, dynamic, responsible and important people. In order to ensure that work represents a real opportunity for collective and individual development, we have implemented a Comprehensive Human Resources Model that respects diversity, seeks consistency between performance and corporate objectives, and guarantees transparency and respect for human rights.

Comprehensive Human Resources Model
2017 Management Report 2017 Management Report

Our 2017 results

Employee development

We encourage you to refer to last year’s most outstanding milestones regarding our management on workforce development and to provide your comments at Contact us.

  • We worked with management to review our organizational practices vis-à-vis concepts of human resources to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • We consolidated our Corporate Volunteer Program at the Medellín headquarters and at all the power plants, with the participation of 246 people.

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Business Ethics


Climate change

Management report

Management report

Every year, we share our management report which address the most relevant business aspects throughout the year.


Social management in the regions