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We want to contribute towards climate change mitigation and adaptation because water, which is our main source of generation, is vulnerable to the effects of temperature variations on the planet. Another reason is because we are driven by our aim to promote progress and prosperity, while also protecting natural resources.

We adopt actions, knowledge and technologies that seek to guide our business toward hydropower and other renewable energy sources, and toward the promotion of energy efficiency as a strategy for conservation and productivity. We also conduct all our activities under criteria for the rational use of resources, and we join others in the search for alternatives to conserve the planet.


Lines of action

We implement lines of action that enable us to improve our Company's productivity and competitiveness, contribute to the creation of value for our stakeholders, and build an organization that's aimed at learning, innovation and sustainable development.

  • Update of the Greenhouse Gas inventory 

    We calculate our carbon footprint each year. For purposes of this characterization, we take into account the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the operation of our generation plants, administrative offices and generation projects that are under construction. Emissions are measured in tons of CO2 equivalent, and this measurement is verified through a third party that provides us with a statement and a report.

  • Development of renewable energies 

    Our efforts are focused on developing hydropower as a clean, efficient and progress-generating source of energy. For nearly a decade, we have carried out studies related to the development and use of non-conventional renewable energy sources for electricity generation e.g. wind and solar.

  • Clean Development Mechanisms 

    We have opted for the construction of clean energy projects, and therefore we strive so that our projects meet UN criteria for classification as Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM). This enables us to certify the greenhouse gas emissions avoided or replaced, and convert them into carbon bonds such as Certified Emission Reductions (CERs), as they are based on achieving a reduced impact on the environment.

    Currently, our Sogamoso Hydroelectric Power Plant in Santander is registered as a CDM with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), thus becoming the registered generation project with the best emissions reduction performance in Colombia. In addition, our Río Amoyá - La Esperanza Hydroelectric Power Plant complies with CDM requirements, which tells national and international authorities of its contribution to climate change mitigation.

  • Comprehensive Energy Management 

    We have a Comprehensive Energy Management Program for our customers and it comprises the following pillars.

    • Comprehensiveness: evaluate energy consumption as an outcome that depends on each of the company's members.
    • Awareness: raise awareness about energy consumption resulting from the activities performed and the company’s decisions, which are reflected in operational costs.
    • Training: train customers on best practices to achieve better results with a lower energy impact.
    • Perseverance: understand that programs take time, they involve changes in people's behavior and that results are achieved gradually.

    Thanks to ongoing support from experts, we achieved a change in operational and maintenance practices, generating satisfactory results in energy savings, a reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and increased productivity and competitiveness.

    Infografico Gestion Energetica Infografico Gestion Energetica


    PHASE 0


    This phase is aimed at energy characterization, i.e. it is an initial look at how the Organization is doing in relation to its energy consumption.

    PHASE 1


    Based on the inputs obtained in phase 0's characterization, we seek a commitment from all those who are going to participate in the process, with particular emphasis on Senior Management. A commitment from executives is an indispensable requirement, since the achievement of satisfactory results requires time, discipline and ambitious targets that contribute towards cultural change and the strategy's implementation.

    PHASE 2


    Together with the Technology Partner Network, during this phase we begin performing all measurements on the consumption of the energy, water and resources that the customer uses to carry out their production.

    PHASE 3


    During this phase we identify and detail the improvements that the business should implement, as well as the financial cost that the optimization processes may entail. These processes usually require large investments, which is why it is important to have the support of Senior Management.

    PHASE 4


    We make adjustments to the measures implemented, conduct internal audits on Comprehensive Energy Management, and if the customer so requires, we perform the external audits for certification under standard NTC ISO 50001.

  • Efficient use of resources 

    We identified that we can contribute towards climate change mitigation based on the efficient use of resources in generation projects, generation plants and our headquarters in Medellín, whereby we meet sustainability criteria, and work to reduce the consumption of electricity and water.

    Find out about some of the practices that we implement at our headquarters in order to use resources rationally:

    Infografico Nueva Sede Infografico Nueva Sede


    Ahorro energético

    Transporte público



    Materiales poco contaminantes

    Ahorro hídrico

    Espacios de trabajo

    Nuestro edificio es categoría LEED ORO

Climate change initiatives

Working with others drives us to be better, to combine efforts and skills, and to share learning. As a result, we have joined various collective sustainability initiatives that relate to several aspects of our climate change management efforts.

  • Climate Care 

    Seeks to promote the adoption of a global frame of reference for business leaders regarding climate change management.

    Our commitment

    We've been part of this initiative since 2014 and have committed to aligning our company's strategy with the initiative's approaches, establishing targets that relate to the initiative, developing and implementing strategies and best practices, and disclosing the company's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

  • Sustainable Development Goal: Climate action 

    This objective seeks climate change mitigation and adaptation, as climate change has a negative impact on the national economy and on people's lives. The planet's average surface temperature could increase by about 3°C this century.

    Our commitment

    We committed to this Sustainable Development Goal in 2016 to contribute towards its fulfillment, implementing practices and programs oriented to manage the effects of climate change, improve processes and develop renewable energy sources.

  • Sustainable Development Goal: Affordable and clean energy 

    Energy is essential in terms of overcoming the major challenges the world faces in relation to ensuring universal access to energy services, and improving the performance and increasing the use of renewable sources.

    Our commitment

    We committed to this Sustainable Development Goal in 2016 to generate clean energy that benefits people, and thus drive progress and prosperity, while also protecting natural resources.

  • Carbon Disclosure Project 

    This initiative seeks information from companies, so that better investment decisions can be made as a result of incorporating climate as a strategic factor.

    Our commitment

    We have been part of this initiative since 2012. Our commitment is to disclose information collected by the Carbon Disclosure Project to investors, so they can use it and make better investment decisions.

2017 Management Report 2017 Management Report

Our 2017 results

Climate change

We encourage you to refer to last year’s most outstanding milestones regarding our climate change management and to provide your comments at Contact us.

  • We made progress in defining the strategic guidelines to manage climate change and water (2018 - 2030).
  • We continued to measure and verify our carbon footprint in scopes 1, 2, and 3.
  • We began the process of verifying the certified emission reductions (CER) of the Amoyá River, La Esperanza and the Sogamoso hydroelectric power plants.

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