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Natural resources are the goods and services that nature provides us with, for sustainable use by human beings. For our Company, it is important to protect these resources and use them harmoniously when implementing our activities. As a result, seeing that biodiversity represents all forms of life, we believe that it is something precious that must be cared for and protected, because it is what keeps the planet going.

In the territories where we operate, natural resources and biodiversity are both vital, as the community’s activities' make use of them. Our most noteworthy practices include support and conservation of protected areas in our generation plants and projects' areas of influence, participatory ecological restoration, conservation of micro-basins, and many more actions that aim to protect and conserve natural resources.


Lines of action

We implement lines of action that enable us to improve our Company's productivity and competitiveness, contribute to the creation of value for our stakeholders, and build an organization that's aimed at learning, innovation and sustainable development.

Biodiversity and natural resources

Working with others drives us to be better, to combine efforts and skills, and to share learning. As a result, we have joined various collective sustainability initiatives that relate to several aspects of our biodiversity efforts.

  • Sustainable Development Goal: Life on land 

    Forests cover thirty percent of the planet’s land and these areas, in addition to providing food security and shelter, are essential for combating climate change. 13 million hectares of forest disappear every year.

    Our commitment

    We committed to this Sustainable Development Goal in 2016 to help care for the forests and species that inhabit our generation projects and plants' areas of influence.


Learn about our biodiversity

protection efforts

in the 2016 Management Report.


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