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We provide our customers with highly personalized service, and this includes the delivery of electricity, technical support on issues of quality, reliability and electrical safety, as well as advice on the implementation of energy management systems and projects, thereby contributing to customers’ productivity, competitiveness and environmental responsibility.

We are supported by a Technology Partner Network that works collaboratively under its own governance system, providing alternatives to address the range of technical requirements relating to energy use in the industrial plants we serve.

Firm energy

We are the third largest domestic generator, accounting for over 17.28% of total installed capacity, and we have more than 40 years experience in the production of clean, reliable energy, as well as the construction of power generation projects.

Our generation strength is underpinned by hydroelectric power plants located in Eastern Antioquia: San Carlos (1,240 MW), Jaguas (170 MW) and Calderas (26 MW); in the department of Caldas: Miel (396 MW); in the department of Tolima: Amoyá (80 MW), and in the department of Santander: Sogamoso (820 MW), in addition to the thermal power plant: Termocentro (300 MW).


Solutions incorporating Quality and Corporate Responsibility

Regarding energy generation and marketing activities, we have three Management Systems that are certified under international standards: the Quality Management System under ISO 9001:2008; the Environmental Management System under ISO 14001:2004, and the Occupational Health and Safety Management System under OHSAS 18001:2007. These enable us to deliver a high quality service to meet customer expectations, protect the environment, and create suitable conditions for people’s comprehensive development by addressing their needs.


Specialist technical service

We have a complete portfolio of maintenance solutions, as well as expansion and energy efficiency projects, supported by a complete Technology Partner Network, which also supports our customers in the event of electricity supply emergencies.


Local service

Our regional offices in Bogota, Barranquilla, Cali, and our main headquarters in Medellin, enable us to offer our customers coverage throughout the country, and provide local service. There is also our Virtual office, which is the first portal designed for industrial energy customers.


24/7 availability

As a result of our customer-focused strategy and the extensive portfolio of energy solutions, we offer 24/7 emergency service to our customers through our toll free hotline.

At ISAGEN, we market our energy to non-regulated and wholesale customers, and we are key players in the spot market, where we trade our surpluses and shortfalls. We contribute to the sector’s development through our business’ competitiveness, contributions to regulations, and balance with the surrounding environment. In addition to electricity supply, we offer our customers energy solutions that increase their productivity and sustainability, as well as comprehensive energy management programs that translate into greater efficiency in terms of consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

Colombian regulation has established accountabilities in the various stages of the value chain for energy agents, with clear distinction regarding their roles:

Infografico Mercado Energetico Infografico Mercado Energetico

Being a generator and distributor provides us with a competitive position as, in addition to acting as customer representatives, we also support commercial agreements through direct generation from our power plants.

We have more than 22 years of experience in the production and marketing of energy, and our range of services meets our customers' most demanding energy needs. When you choose us as your energy supplier, you gain access to customer service executives who have strong technical knowledge on issues of electricity and natural gas, and are supported by an efficient administrative team.

Electricity services

Our company, which is supported by its Technology Partner Network, provides high-quality services in the following areas:

  • Maintenance: services that guarantee adequate availability of equipment and/or extend their useful life. Maintenance can be preventive, predictive or corrective.
  • Expansion: services related to growth in our customers’ energy needs.
  • Energy efficiency: services that help to optimize our customers’ energy consumption, as well as promote energy saving and service quality and reliability.
  • Production knowledge: portfolio of training on energy issues, bringing together the experience and expertise of our Technology Partner Network.

Technology Partner Network

This is a specialized group of Colombian engineering firms, which has been carefully selected and assessed, enabling us to meet our customers’ energy needs in any city around the country, providing services ranging from periodic maintenance through to the implementation of special projects tailored to the needs of each customer.

Energy management

  • Emergency management: we have trained personnel who are available 24/7 to address any eventuality, through the customer free service hotline.
  • Management of consumption information: our customers receive reports on electricity consumption and variables, making it possible for them to conduct immediate analyses to optimize their energy management.
  • Representation before other supply chain agents: as a marketer, we take on the commitment of supporting our customers in all energy supply processes involving other agents from the energy chain.
  • Metering advice and operation: the metering of consumption is the responsibility of each customer. However, we advise our customers on the purchase and management of their metering equipment, as fundamental items for good energy management.
  • Comprehensive Energy Management Program: together with our customers, we have created a structured and personalized program, achieving results that contribute to their sustainability.
  • Specialized information: we keep our customers informed regarding all electricity-related topics that have an impact on their organizations, and we support them in terms of introducing and implementing these topics within their companies.

We present itemized electricity offers, in the same way that the customer will see them when they receive their consumption invoice.

Electric energy offers Electric energy offers

Non-regulated charges are negotiable charges that vary in offers from one marketer to another. Regulated charges are fixed by resolutions issued by the Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission (CREG), and should not vary from one marketer to another, and therefore, they do not constitute a competitive factor.

2017 Management Report 2017 Management Report

Our 2017 results

We commercialize electric energy

We encourage you to refer to last year’s most outstanding milestones regarding our commercial management and to provide your comments at Contact us.

  • Adequate water management at the reservoirs helped to partly offset the effects of low spot market prices and overcome last year's results, obtaining an EBITDA of $1.2 trillion, 33% higher than last year.
  • We met 100% of the energy contract goals for 2017, and increased average contract duration from 4.2 to 4.3 years.
  • We obtained a score of 4.75 out of 5 in customer satisfaction.
  • Our Energy Efficiency Program cover a 53% of the industrial end clients we serve and are willing to implement this strategy.

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Environmental management

Environmental management

We have an Environmental Management System that comprises statutory and supplementary action in respect of biotic (fauna and flora), physical (water, air and soil) and social aspects, as well as actions with all our stakeholders.

Our power plants

Our power plants

We promote hydroelectricity as our main source of energy generation, which relies on the force of water as a renewable, clean, efficient and reliable source that contributes to the sustainable development of regions.

Business Ethics

Business Ethics

The structure of our Business Ethics System has a preventive, detective and corrective approach, framed by continuous improvement and permanent promotion and dissemination.

Commercial Management

Commercial Management

We provide our customers with highly personalized service, and this includes the delivery of electricity, technical support on issues of quality, reliability and electrical safety, as well as advice on the implementation of energy management systems and projects, thereby contributing to customers’ productivity, competitiveness and environmental responsibility.