We generate electric energy

Our generation increased by 34% and contributed to meeting a 23% of Colombia’s electricity demand. The 99% of our generation was hydroelectric, becoming the main focus. We continue promoting a renewable energy project portfolio, focusing on enabling the construction of the Palagua and Tafetanes hydroelectric power plant projects (Antioquia) and the Guajira I and Guajira II wind power projects (La Guajira).

We commercialize electric energy

We delivered our energy to the Colombian market, seeking to satisfy the needs of 262 industrial end clients and 16 wholesalers. We are proud to have fulfilled our business commitments and to optimize market transactions. We also deployed a contracting strategy to ensure the stability of our revenue over the long term and to increase the average duration of contracts.

Financial results

Our financial management is aimed at the creation of value and our Company’s sustainability and stakeholders. We got back on track with our Company’s history of positive results, posting revenue of $2,350,928 million and an EBITDA of $1,219,017 million. We maintained the Company's credit rating at the highest standards and enhanced our information and internal control system.

Sustainability practices

We continue consolidating the high ethical and sustainability standards that have made our Company a leader in the Colombian market. We are convinced that our business only makes sense when it contributes to our stakeholders’ wellbeing and the progress of all Colombians.


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