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ISAGEN achieved a score of 95.4 over 100 in the Assessment of Transparencia por Colombia

The score of ISAGEN improved by one point in the Corporate Transparency Assessment (MTE, for the Spanish original) of Corporación Transparencia por Colombia, which applied its methodology to 23 public utility companies that participate voluntarily.

The Company has participated in all past editions, and its results have reflected its high level of commitment to transparency and low risk level.

ISAGEN achieved a score of 95.4/100 in the latest Corporate Transparency Assessment. It obtained high scores in all the assessed categories (Clear Standards, Openness, Dialogue and Control), and in two of the four the Company achieved a score of 100 over 100, which represents a low risk level.

The score obtained this year is one point higher than the 2016 score (94.3/100). The improvement action plans deriving from the assessment will continue to strengthen the System of Business Ethics.

This result demonstrates ISAGEN’s constant efforts to strengthen actions that guarantee Corporate Governance, Business Ethics, and Risk Management.