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Management model


Management model

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We make the following statements based on our beliefs:

  • Our Company is focused on human beings, and is geared towards learning and innovation in the pursuit of corporate excellence.
  • We work under sustainability criteria and promote transparency in our work.
  • We build relationships based on trust and recognize the value of differences in these relationships.
  • Relationships with our stakeholders are harmonious and productive, thereby contributing to sustainability and the shared creation of value.


Corporate values are the attributes and attitudes that characterize us as a Company, and they define the way we work to deliver our products and services to those who need them, making us a company that stands out in the market.

Ethics: fundamental value

For us, ethical behavior means doing things right and in good faith; being consistent in what we think, say and do; and favoring the common good over individual interests, thereby contributing to the sustainability of the company and the environment in which it operates.

We adopt the following values when interacting with the surrounding environment and when striving for our individual and collective growth:

  • Social and environmental responsibility
  • Customer focus
  • Sound economic sense
  • Respect for others
  • Teamwork
  • Self-monitoring
  • Adaptability
  • Humility


We establish the work required to ensure that our corporate management is executed to the best standards and responds to the needs of the business through corporate initiatives and statements that characterize the Organization and promote its development. These are included in the Organization’s daily operation of processes through policies, plans, projects and programs.

In order to carry out the work, we established an Organizational structure comprised of organizational units regarding management, teams and groups, for which we design positions according to the job’s requirements.


We engage in generation and marketing in order to meet the needs of part of the energy supply chain, and this is how we define our mission and strategy.

Mission: At ISAGEN, we create corporate value by developing electric power generation projects and producing and selling electricity to satisfy our customers’ energy needs.

Our management is based on ethics, sustainability, operational efficiency and excellence.

Higher Purpose:

We generate smart energy and prosperity for society.

We generate efficient energy that contributes to the mitigation of climate change and maintains the Company's competitive position in the industry. Our collaborative networks and policies are aligned with sustainable human development, and generate shared value for our stakeholders.


Our value proposition

We deliver clean energy and comprehensive solutions that contribute to our customers’ and our country’s competitiveness. We generate value through sustainable revenue.

Commitments to stakeholders: we recognize the importance to encourage a corporate culture, as well as the importance of creating value together with our stakeholders in a way that's responsible, productive and harmonious, and this is why we base our relationships on ethics, equality, trust, openness and respect.


We firmly believe that companies are groups of people that have an ethical duty to create economic value and wellbeing for society, meeting the needs and expectations of other groups of people.