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ISAGEN receives award in the energy efficiency

Apr 2017
ISAGEN receives award in the energy efficiency

This is the third award version aimed at rewarding commitment and actions performed concerning energy efficiency. This edition had 77 registered projects.

For ISAGEN, this award represents the possibility of sharing its leadership in energy management, focused on the large industry and to prove that joint efforts of companies and electric energy suppliers make energy efficiency viable.

ISAGEN received again a national recognition for its commitment and good management practices. This time that award was presented by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the National Association of Public Utility Companies and Communications (Amdesco), the Mining and Energy Planning Unit (UPME), and the Territorial Development Financing Agency (Findeter), within the framework of the VI Energy Efficiency Seminar that was held in Bogota.

The Company was finalist in the category of Public Utility Company and Information Technology and Communications, with its IEM Integral Energy Management project for industry clients the purpose of which is to raise awareness on continuous improvement of an efficient use of energy. Codensa, Gensa and TIGO were also finalists in this category.

According to Luis Fernando Rico Pinzon, ISAGEN's CEO: "We consider this award an incentive to keep encouraging our clients to create an energy management that involves procurement processes, transformation, storage, final use and administration, as well as interrelation of production, technological, management and cultural processes".

Program Details

The IEM is a strategy linked to ISAGEN's electric energy commercialization business, focused on the country's large industry, which is aimed at contributing to sustainability of this clients' segment. This group of industry plants is attributed 25% of electric energy consumed by the domestic Non-regulated Market, with only 5% of commercial boundaries being part of it. Therefore, this evidences the magnitude of the average consumption of each of these consumption centers.

Furthermore, the IEM program has enabled:

  • The design and validation of a methodology focused on the efficient, reasonable use of electric energy in Colombia's large industry.
  • Orientation and creation of improvement groups, with the aim of developing corporate culture based on rational, efficient use of energy.
  • The increase of technical and behavioral skills in electric energy management of operators and management staff of industry clients.
  • Increased revenue and strengthening of engineering companies that supply electric energy efficiency solutions.
  • The incorporation of research and human talent management groups.
  • Awareness of operations and maintenance personnel to reduce CO2 emissions.

After this award, ISAGEN will keep sharing with its clients its best practices so that they can, from their industrial process, contribute to a more sustainable management and to the creation of shared value.

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Who we are

Who we are

We are a company that generates and markets energy, envisaged as a group of people that seeks to satisfy the needs of other groups of people, and we work together with them to bring about wellbeing and development for the country.

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Recognition and accreditation

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Management report

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Mission, higher purpose and values

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