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Our history

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A new utilities corporation ISAGEN S.A. E.S.P.

Definition of the business strategy of 'being a universal competitor' to understand customers and provide tailored solutions.

San Carlos Hydroelectric Power Plant
(1,240 MW)
  • Power Plant with the largest installed capacity in the country.
  • Modernization 2011 - 2015.
Jaguas Hydroelectric Power Plant
(170 MW)
  • Modernization 2011 - 2015.
Calderas Hydroelectric Power Plant
(26 MW)
  • Out of service due to natural events and public order problems in 1998.
  • Entered operation once again in 2006.
Chivor Hydroelectric Power Plant
(1,000 MW)
  • Sold by the National Government in 1996.

We came into being with the fundamental mission of always prioritizing the common good.

Social and environmental responsibility

Generating energy while caring for the planet and working with the community has been our commitment from the start.

Creation of a learning organization and the adoption of a process-based work model.


Power plant built by ISAGEN
Termocentro Thermal Power Plant
(300 MW)
  • 1996 - 1997 Simple-cycle construction.
  • 1999 - 2000 Combined-cycle construction.
  • Provides support during periods of low rainfall.

Creation of the first Environmental Policy.

We began studying new energy generation technologies.


ICONTEC ISO 9001 Certification for the energy generation and sales processes, on account of quality and


Reformulation of the social management scheme with communities.


Power plant built by ISAGEN
Miel I Hydroelectric Power Plant
(396 MW)
  • 1997 - 2002 Construction and start-up.
  • In 2010 and 2013 the Guarinó and Manso diversions increased its annual energy output.


Establishment of reservoir areas in the Jaguas and San Carlos power plants, as areas that are important to the conservation of Colombia's and the world birds, AICAS.

(Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation - Bird Life International).


One Company, many stakeholders, and the aim of protecting natural resources, facilitating coexistence, well-being and promoting progress.

We reframed our Comprehensive Human Resource Model, which focuses directly on the business fundamental actor: the employee.


Winner of the Corporate Responsibility Award, in the category of 'Best large public utilities company, and an Honorable mention as the best company in environmental performance.'

National Association of Public Utilities (Andesco).


  • 'Share Divestiture Program' by the State.
  • 70,000 minory shareholders created.
  • Listing on the Colombian Stock Exchange.


We began measure the Company's Greenhouse Gas Emissions.


Launch of programs for the efficient and productive use of energy and water by customers.


We reaffirmed our commitment to the respect and promotion of Human Rights by signing the core document for the initiative 'Colombia Guidelines (Guías Colombia) on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law'.

Since this year, together with El Espectador and the WWF we have led the Meetings for Water as opportunities to discuss the governance and future of this resource in the country.

Inclusion in our strategic vision the Integrated Water Resources Management with a focus on conservation and sustainable use of water.


Power plant built by ISAGEN
Rio Amoyá - La Esperanza Hydroelectric Power Plant (80 MW)
  • 2008 - 2013 Construction and start-up.
  • 2014 Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

Inclusion ISAGEN on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the world's most demanding indicator for determining the degree of consistency between sustainability management and economic, social and environmental performance.

We signed the 'Pact for Water and Watersheds,' in the department of Caldas.


Power plant built by ISAGEN
Sogamoso Hydroelectric Power Plant (820 MW)
  • 2009 - 2014 Construction and start-up.
  • Provides 8.3% of Colombia's energy during a year.

Joined the United Nations CEO 'Water Mandate' which seeks to consolidate an international movement of companies that are committed to mitigating the emerging global crisis regarding this vital resource.

Recognition as the 'Second-ranked company in organizational climate' out of 73 Latin American organizations with over 100 employees.

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce identified ISAGEN as an 'Exceptional Brand (Marca Notoria)' due to its recognition and history.


For the sixth time, we received the Andesco Award for Corporate Social Responsibility as the 'Best Large Utility Services Company,' in addition to an honorable mention in the 'Best Environmental Performance category.'

We were included on the list of the 100 most sustainable companies in the world as reflected by the RobecoSAM Sustainability Yearbook 2016 (RobecoSAM is responsible for assessing those included on this ranking of listed companies).

We marked 17 years of commitment to supporting peace initiatives.


We are no longer a mixed economy company and have now become a private company, forming part of Canadian investment fund Brookfield Asset Management Inc., through its affiliate BRE Colombia Investments L.P., a global company that’s present across 20 countries and four continents, and has 100 years of experience.

We have implemented Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Act practices, thus strengthening our internal control system and laying the groundwork for implementation of the highest international standards in our financial reporting system.

Our Sogamoso Hydroelectric Power Plant in Santander was registered as a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, thus becoming the largest registered Greenhouse Gas-reduction project in Colombia.

For the first time, we have been issued Certified Emission Reductions by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change for the Amoyá-La Esperanza Hydroelectric Power Plant for an amount of 227,277 tons of CO2, relating to the first two years of this plant's operation.

We prioritized six of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to work on in coming years: Clean water and sanitation, Affordable and clean energy, Decent work and economic growth, Climate action, Life on land, and Peace, justice and strong institutions.