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We are all Involved in Sustainable Relations

Dec. 2017
We are all Involved in Sustainable Relations

Have you ever asked yourself what it means to be a stakeholder? If you are an employee, supplier, client, community, civil society organization or educational institution, how can you strengthen your relationship regardless of your role? Whatever our role is, we are connected to other human beings. From this arises the importance of assuming a position that encourages creative and sustainable connections in which we take on commitments that generate shared value.

As part of our Corporate School, we have the anthropologist and founder of Centro de Fe y Culturas de Medellín, Mauricio Cardona, who supported our employees in two reflection sessions on stakeholder relations. We promote these activities to reinforce our connections with others, an effort that begins with our colleagues and spreads to other people through respectful and harmonious relationships.

Mauricio Cardona thinks that these practices strengthen our relationships:

  • Compassionate and altruistic love: kindly giving to others when need be and anticipating those needs.
  • Leadership: inspiring others for them to express their talents and potential. Leaders become visible when their work team excels, not the other way around.
  • Harmony: knowing how to give and receive with adequate coincidence; finding a balance in the bond created with others.

“Others are an extension of ourselves”, was one of this event's conclusions. Therefore, knowing how we relate to each other and finding opportunities to improve is a step we need to make, since we are one with everything.

Inspiring Others with Our Relations

To promote sustainable relations, we need to share similarities and work in cooperation and coordination, aligning our knowledge to achieve common goals. Trust, collaboration and mutual benefit are the language to have increasingly better relations.

We are active participants and we have a transformative power, which becomes clear as we grow, communicate and seek new opportunities. Therefore, it increasingly makes more sense to put ourselves in other people’s shoes so that their needs are really met.

Trust as a characteristic that promotes these connections is a starting point to improve relations at all levels. That is how we give priority to collective interest, contributing to society’s wellbeing.

At ISAGEN, we are committed to maintaining sustainable and long-lasting relations with our stakeholders, to whom we are also a stakeholder. We all have the opportunity to put our knowledge and experience at the service of others and to align our actions with a win-win philosophy, striving to create positive environments, regardless of our role.

We connect our desires and proposals with those of society in order to decisively contribute to the common wellbeing. We are convinced that if we all meet the commitments that we have agreed, the results will be in line with the sustainable growth we desire. Additionally, we are confident that if we have greater awareness of what happens around us and we strengthen our relations further, the results will be increasingly more positive.

The Challenge of Serving

Not only do we serve when we sell a product or service, we also do so when we are aware of the outcomes of our actions: when we answer a call, a greeting or a question with a motivating and efficient attitude. That is why we all need to talk in depth and strengthen our communication by listening, becoming aware of our actions to serve better. Let’s all consider ourselves as one kind of stakeholder in which we all serve.

Let’s work every day to improve our relationships and to discover the authentic value of others, inspired by common wellbeing. We have already started this journey at our Company and we want to travel it with our stakeholders.

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