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We are a Colombian company dedicated to energy generation, construction of projects, and commercialization of energy solutions, in order to satisfy our customers' needs.

ISAGEN owns and operates five power plants, four of which are from hydraulic origin, and the othe one, from thermal origin.

The solidity of the Company, its entrepreneurial innovation, Corporate Responsibility practices, and Corporate Government, as well as its sustained growth, make us become an excellent option that generates preference among customers, shareholders, and domestic and international markets.



Corporate Governance

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ISAGEN adopts Corporate Governance principles, values and practices that recognize and respect stockholders' rights, guarantee transparency in the Company's management, and disclose information that should be known by the Company's stakeholders.

Financial Information

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ISAGEN publishes annual reports from recent years, quarterly results about the Company's corporate management and, in general, financial data of interest to the market.

Press Room

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Use this resource to find out about the latest Company news and ISAGEN in the media. The Press Room features photos, videos, press releases, graphics and news so that everyone can stay up-to-date about the Company's corporate management.

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