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Miel I Hydroelectric Power Plant

The Miel I Power Plant is located in the Municipality of Norcasia. It generates a portion of the hydroelectric power in west Caldas, where major water sources include the Guarinó, Miel, Moro, Manso and Samaná Sur Rivers and minor tributaries such as the Pensilvania and Tenerife Rivers. The plant has an installed capacity of 396 MW (megawatts) in its three units. It started commercial operations in December 2002.

The plant's Guarinó Diversion has been in operation since 2010, increasing the plant's generation by 308 GWh/year (gigawatt-hour/year). The Manso Diversion started operations in 2013, which increases the power plant's capacity by 104 GWh/year.

For connection to the National Transmission System (NTS), the energy is evacuated to the Miel I substation at 230 kV.

The Patángoras Dam is built over the Miel River. It is a 188-meter-high gravity dam in roller-compacted concrete (the second highest in the world) and it is 340 meters long at the crest, forming the Amaní reservoir (1,220 hectares), with a storage capacity of 571 million cubic meters.

Guarinó River Diversion

It is located in the department of Caldas along the border of the Tolima department and the eastern edge of the Central Andean Range in the lower-middle basin of the Guarinó River. The project is at the same altitude as the municipality of Victoria.

The Guarinó Diversion began commercial operations in 2010. These works consist of a concrete dam on the Guarinó River at an approximate height of 7 meters, intakes, headrace, filter channel, environmental flow structures and a 3,378-meter-long diversion tunnel.

The diversion intake and tunnel are located in the area between the Guarinó and Miel Rivers, within the jurisdiction of the Cañaveral district. Said district is approximately 29 kilometers upstream from the mouth of the Guarinó river in the Magdalena River. The diversion tunnel's outlet is near the Miel river bed.

Manso Diversion

It is located in the department of Caldas on the borders of the municipalities of Samaná and Norcasia, on the eastern slopes of the Central Andean Range. It diverts some of the Manso river waters to the Amaní reservoir that serves the Miel I Hydroelectric Power Plant via a tunnel.

The Manso diversion structure consists of a small concrete dam on the Manso River and a 4,015-meter-long tunnel to direct water from the Manso River to the Santa Bárbara Stream and ultimately, the Miel I Power Plant's Amaní Reservoir.

Moreover, the diversion includes a channel to access the tunnel's outlet. This channel has two gates, one over the Montebello stream, and another over the Soto stream.


On the Manso river, near the Samaná and Norcasia border in Caldas.




On the Guarinó river, in the municipality of Victoria in Caldas.



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